Realtors With Investor Clients

If You Are A Realtor With Investor Clients

If you are a Realtor with Investor clients, these clients may have Rental Property Management needs until such time as they wish to resell the property. If your office does not provide this service, or if the full-time, specialist nature of our Fraser Valley Rental Property Management service is of interest to you, we will be happy to take complete care of your client’s rental management needs until your client decides to sell again.

When your client makes the decision to sell the property, WE WILL ENSURE THAT YOU ARE CONTACTED TO PROVIDE THE RESALE SERVICE.
Our rental management services are shown elsewhere on this website, depending on whether the client is local, out of country, etc.

We specialize in Rental Property Management, our Fraser Valley practice is decades old,  our services will make you look very good as a result of your recommendation, … and we WILL make sure your sales services are returned to you.

If this makes sense, email us –

Andy Schiller PREC – [email protected]

… or call us at 604-530-0231 and we will answer any questions you may have.

We will dive as deep into specifics as you want.



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