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For anyone living outside of Canada but owning an investment property in BC’s Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland, the biggest factors that we, as your Property’s managers, take into account are:

1. Protecting the value of your asset – the property itself.

2. Ensuring that property is unoccupied for as little time as possible, second only to making sure you have high-quality tenants.

3. Immunizing you from all potential headaches associated with letting your property:

  • Potential tenants are screened with credit check and reference checks.
  • Rent to be paid, in full, on time, or provide legal follow-up. No tolerance for excuses. Finding the right tenants in the first place takes care of this, of course.
  • Small maintenance and repair issues will be taken care of, professionally, economically and in a timely manner – including finding the best tradesmen for the job and being as conscientious over their selection as with the selection of tenants; and providing a degree of supervision over their work until they have proven themselves to be of the highest quality. And even then “Trust, but verify, and verify again!” is a sensible approach.

More serious problems – a water tank leaks, flooding the basement; sewers back up during a severe storm – are dealt with promptly, professionally and economically – either directly or in conjunction with your insurance company, as the situation calls for. We have dealt with Fraser Valley trades people for many years.

You can read in our “Peace of Mind” statement exactly how we manage these issues to give you a worry-free experience.

If you reside in another country, these may be just a few of the concerns for you because you don’t have the luxury of being able to drive past your property at any time, arrange regular visits with us, or arrange to meet us face-to-face at short notice.

It is CRUCIAL for your peace of mind that you know you can trust your property manager. And exactly as we have a guiding principle “Trust but verify!” for the trades people and professionals we use when necessary for maintenance and repair purposes, you should have that same guiding principle when it comes to our relationship.

Here’s how we can fulfill those requirements:

First – We make periodic visits inside the property, naturally. We will email you with notice of each visit and check whether you have any special concerns you want us to pay attention to. We will inform you if for any reason the visit has to be rescheduled, and if so, why and to what date and time.

Second – During each visit we can take digital photos that carry the date and time to show the condition of the property.

Third – We can email you pictures of the inspection and address any concerns if the need arises.

Fourth – As part of our agreement we will agree on protocols we will follow in the event of there being small or large maintenance or repair issues.

And, we will keep you informed of any Federal, provincial or municipal issues that may affect your property. This may include Non-Resident Revenue Canada requirements that have to be adhered to.

If this makes sense, email us –

Andy Schiller PREC – [email protected]

… or call us at 604-530-0231 and we will answer any questions you may have.



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