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     Andy Schiller PREC

About Andy Schiller PREC and Associates

Based in the Fraser Valley, we have over 30 years of management and Real Estate experience.
This includes managing Companies, Rental Properties and managing People.

We are not just managers but experienced Professionals who have had to respond quickly, effectively and occasionally forcefully, to the myriad of problems and even crises that can occur.

We have to be and are, comfortable with hard conversations and hard decisions that may be necessary to lead to the right course of action for our clients.

We have to be solid judges of character augmented with thorough and conscientious background, reference and credit checks in all tenant application transactions.

We specialize in and are licensed for Rental Property Management.

Few Realtors take this on as it requires a completely unique and separate knowledge base as well as different methods and skills than the procedures of Real Estate Sales.

If you consider the daily tasks that make up the routine of a successful realtor representing their clients buying or selling properties, and contrast them with the daily tasks required for Property Management, there is almost no overlap – which is why the decision was made many years ago to specialize.

However, our office in Langley, B.C. is still a Full Service Real Estate Office and can provide the full spectrum of Real Estate requirements, should they arise.

There is nothing we will face as managers of your property that we haven’t faced, or worse; and dealt with effectively; in our managing careers.

Email me Andy Schiller PREC  [email protected] , or pick up the phone and call us at 604-530-0231.

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About our Administrative Support

We have 24/7 telephone answering and paging service as well as in-house, front end reception 6 days a week.

Our main Property Management administration is handled by Merrilee Olson. She is an extraordinary administrator and coordinator and has been in the business many years.

Professional property management demands a surprising amount of high-quality behind-the-scenes work –  paperwork, scheduling, coordination and administration –  as most owners who take the do-it-yourself property-letting route quickly discover (to their dismay). And the consequences of even a small mistake can be substantial.

Monthly invoicing, banking, and record-keeping, the first-line responder to many calls, following through on repairs, obtaining quotes from tradesmen, knowing what’s reasonable, knowing who to contact for what work based on years of clinically assessing the quality and responsiveness of Fraser Valley contractors, scheduling and coordinating work etc … are all parts of Merrilee’s daily routine.

As well, the majority of our tenants deal directly with Merrilee.  Paying their monthly rent, reporting issues in a timely manner, communicating issues that affect your investment is an integral part of our service. Staying on top of any issues (and addressing the same) that ensures your property appreciates as it should.

Many of our clients choose us because of our experience and qualifications – then stay with us in large part due to our administrative efficiency.



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